Working with TeamViewer application for Windows Phone

In my previous post on TeamViewer for Windows PC I explained how to remotely control one computer by another through internet using TemViewer. You can do the same using a Windows Phone. You can control your computer remotely from your Windows Phone using TeamViewer application for Windows phone. Download and install the .xap file of TeamViewer from windows Phone store. Open it and simply provide the ID of your partner’s desktop, press connect(see the screenshot).

teamviewer for windows phone home screen

Enter the TeamViewer password of your partner’s computer and select OK.

connecting with pc from windows phone using teamviewer



You can see the computer inside the mobile’s screen. You can open the task manager and the virtual keyboard as well. In the below screenshot, a 20 inch desktop is being displayed inside my 4 inch Windows Phone Nokia Lumia 520. You can use your two fingers to zoom in and to open or select something there is a mouse pointer as well. The application works perfectly in my phone. desktop inside teamviewer windows phone