Permanently hide a file or folder

Very frequently we hide our important file or folder in traditional way. But if someone change the View option as Show hidden files, folders, and drives, then everything will be open for all. To overcome this problem just follow the instructions.

Open the Command Prompt. And go to the particular directory where the target folder or file located through the Command prompt.

Now right attrib +s +h file/folder name and press enter.

Command to hide a folder permanently

Command to hide a folder permanently

For example if we want to hide a folder named Technicise, which is located in the E:\Tech. Then we have to go the Tech Directory of E: drive through Command Prompt and have to right attrib +s +h Technicise and press enter.

Now see the magic. You will not able to show the folder even though your selected View option is Show hidden files, folders, and drives.

Simply you can unhide the folder of file. Just go to the directory through Command prompt and write attrib -s -h file/folder name and press enter.

In our example you have to right attrib -s -h Technicise.

If you want to hide any file, don’t forget to put the extension after the name.

Try it yourself and keep your personal document safely.