Install MySQL database with workbench in windows

In this tutorial, i will show how to install mysql database with workbench in windows.. we need following components..

  • MySQL Server.
  • MySQL Workbench.

Install MySQL Server :

To install download MySQL from or and install.

Here we are installing MySQL 5.5.15 .

Double click on the set up file. And click next.



Accept the license terms and click Next .



Now you can choose setup types like Typical, Custom and Complete. It is preferable to go for complete setup.



Now click Install.



A window will appear like below and click next.



Click next again and then a window will appear .Make sure that a check box is checked at the bottom of the window. Click finish.



After this MySQL Server Instance configuration Wizard will apear . Click Next.



Select Detailed Configuration and click Next.



On the next window you have to select the server type. Now we assume that this is a developer machine and many other application will run on it.So choose Developer Machine.And click Next.



Then select Multifunctional Database and click Next.



Then choose the drive where InnoDB tablespace should be placed and click Next.



Now you need to select the number of current connection to the server.According to your need you can select.Fpr now we assumed that maximun 20 connection will be there, so we select Decission Support (DSS)/OLAP .You will have the option to set the number of connection  manually. Click Next.



Next enable TCP/IP Networking and Strict Mode. Click Next.



Now select the Defult Character Set.You can choose any one as you wish.Here we are selecting Standard Character Set.



Here comes the Windows Options.

Select Install As Windows Service to run the MySQL server on window .

You may also select Include Bin directory in Windows Part to include the directory cointaining the server or cloent executable in the windows path variable so they can be called from the command line.



Now it is security settings.Create a root password and this password will be used whenever you wish to access the server.

You may also create an Anonymous Account without any password,but for security issue it is prefarable to give a password.



Now click on Execute.After execution click Finish to close the wizard,and your MySQL setup is finished.




MySQL Workbench :

Now we will install MySQL WorkbenchMySQL Workbench will give you an integrated tools environment for data base designing and modeling, Database Administration, SQL development etc.

To install download it from

Now, Double click on Setup file. A window will appear like below and click Next.



Select the path where you wish to may install in the default path.Click Next.



Here choose the setup type.If you are not so much experienced we recommand you to select Complete . Click Next.



Now your setup is ready io install. Now click Install.



Your installation is in progress.



After complete installation click finish.



Now your system is now ready for MySQL database based applications.