How to watch projects on Github

Earlier we saw,

How to add repository in Github

How to add code in Github

How to create issues in Github

How to view your past contributions in Github

Now I will tell you about watching projects on Github.

In Github you can watch open projects.

Watching a project means you are following the project and you will be notified for every action on that project on your news feed.

First log in to

Then find out the project you like to watch and click on the project.

For example I am watching the project named twitter/bootstrap.

There you will find a Watch button, click and choose Watching.


Watch projects on Github

                               Watch projects on Github


 Find all the projects you are watching.

Click on notification icon on the top left corner in your browser.

Watch projects on Github

                             Watch projects on Github


Then click on Watched Repositories.

Here you will find all the repositories you are currently watching.


Watch projects on Github

                                Watch projects on Github