How to Remotely control another computer from your computer using TeamViewer on Windows

We all have faced such situation when a friend who has less knowledge on computer or needs help on certain topic asks us what to do or how to do and in spite of knowing the solution we cant solve their problems as some things are hard to explain remotely. I have been using TeamViewer for few years now and on these situations TeamViewer is an excellent choice as it allows you to remotely control a computer from another one. A personal/non commercial usage of TeamViewer is completely free.

All you need is internet connection on the both side, TeamViewer installed on your systems, that is it. You need to start TeamVIewer in both computers. All the computers have a predefined ID and password. All you need to do is to type the ID and password of your partner’s device to connect to him. Inside your desktop, you will see the remote computers currently opened window. You can do anything, make any change on that PC.

See the below screenshot. At the left side of TeamViewer window is your computer’s ID and password and at the right side is the place where you must provide your partner’s ID.

teamviewer home screen


Type your partner’s ID and click on Connect to partner. A new window will appear asking for the password. You can provide the randomly generated password or a predefined password. Both passwords will work. Click on ¬†Log On button to continue.

TeamViewer password window


After Logging on, a new window will appear inside which your partner’s desktop can be seen and can be used using your mouse.

Remote pc desktop in my desktop