How to enable auto-hide for the launcher in Ubuntu

Do you want to utilize the maximum screen size, set the auto-hide option for the launcher. To enable auto-hide launcher option, follow the given steps:

  • Go to System Settings > Appearance. or, Right click on desktop and go to Change Desktop Background.
  • Click on Behavior tab.
  • Set ON Auto-hide the Launcher option from right site of the tab.
  • Set Reveal location by radio button. If you set Left side, then you have to put your mouse pointer on any position of left side of the screen to get the launcher. Or if you set Top left corner, then you have to put your mouse pointer on only in top left side of the screen to get the launcher.



  • Now set sensitivity by dragging the slider of reveal between Low to High.
  • Close the Appearance. See the change. 

Try it yourself.