How to add more time zone in your Ubuntu taskbar

In Ubuntu by default we can see one time zone with area name when we click on date and time on taskbar. But you can know others local times simultaneously by clicking on date and time on taskbar. Here we will learn how to set more than one clock with different time zone with the default clock of the taskbar.

To do this follow the simple steps:

  • Click on Time and Date from the Ubuntu task bar.
  • Click on Time and Date settings….
  • Click on Clock tab on Time & Date.
  • Check Time in other locations and click on Choose Locations button.
  • Time & date

    Time & date

  • Click on “+“(plus) sign on Location.
  • Write your location on text field on List view area.

    Add new Location

    Add new Location

  • Select your location from the searched result.
  • click on “+“(plus) again if you wish to add more time zone.
  • Close Location and Time & Date.

Now check your new settings. Click on Time and Date from the Ubuntu task bar and find the new time zone before Time and Date settings….

Try it yourself.

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