GitHub: One of the best online project management tool

What is GitHub:

GitHub is one of the best online source code management tools. Some of the biggest companies in the world use GitHub for managing their projects online. You can use it for free but your documents would be visible to all. You can also get their paid versions to keep your data private.


Features of GitHub:

  • Share your codes with others.
  • Highlights changes done by other contributors in a very easy to understand way.
  • You can undo any changes and roll back to any changes at any time.
  • Assign tasks with deadlines and create issues.
  • Create branches of the master copy.
  • And many others.

How GitHub Works:

It provides a desktop application from which you can manage your source codes and share with others. The web interface also allows you to see your sources code changes as well as manage issues, pull requests, track contributions. In other post, more detailed description will be provided on how it works or how to use GitHub.

GitHub Working Procedure Diagram

How GitHub Works