Facebook has introduced a fresh and new look

According to their previous announcement, Facebook has introduced a fresh and totally new look for their users. We often witness minor changes of the features. But this time they have made some major changes. Though the new look is not available for every user yet, only some users’ account have got this new look.This looks might just be a testing process about their new changes. It is very clear from the Facebook product manager Rose Yao’s  blog post. He wrote ”We heard from you that the current timeline layout is sometimes hard to read. Starting today, all posts are on the right side of your timeline, with photos, music and other recent activity on the left.”

It was 2011 when Facebook introduced a new word “Timeline”. And this feature became popular to every user and after that it became mandatory for all users in early 2012. After introducing the ”Timeline” this is a major feature introduced by Facebook.

Here are some new features from FB which I loved :

New header bar now looks like:

Facebook header with new looks

Facebook header with new look

Here Friend request, Message and Notification icon group changes their side from left to right. And Search field with Facebook icon is really nice.

Facebook is concentrating on their story. It is larger than previous.

Large post than previous

Large Story than previous

And the description about the story is placed on the Image. Like, Comment and Share text style and logo is slightly different from the old. The profile image is totally outside from the story which is also remarkable.

In above Image one thing is to be noticed that  ”3 New Stories” with a upper arrow key, it is nothing but the live story updates when you are not staying in the top of the Home. I like this feature very much. It was boring to scroll up to go to the top from the core of the page.  Though it would be better if they introduced anything permanent ”go to top” option.

Facebook also introduced a totally new look with deep gray colored bar in the left side of the Page, which is displaying your profile name with image, user groups, online/offline friends, etc. This bar is looks like:

Left side Bar

Left side Bar

They have not introduced any option, which can hide the offline friends from the list. I wish that could be a really helpful feature.

Another new feature is News Feed:

News Feed

News Feed

Select your choice and Facebook will display the related stories on your wall. You can also Manage the News feed by your choice.

The overall view of FB now looks like:

Full Facebook page

Full Facebook page

Do you want to get the new Facebook page look! Visit and enlist yourself by clicking on Join waiting list. And wait for the beautiful new FB UI.